Nemanja Miljković

Software Engineer



Software Engineer - Full stack engineer working on solutions for external clients as well as developing internal Hooloovoo projects.

Java, Kotlin, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Kubernetes

Jul 2021 - Present


Technical Lead - Accounts & Payments team. We provide services so businesses can initiate and receive payments, view all executed transactions, manage multiple bank accounts or withdraw money from their customers using SEPA Direct Debits. Part of the Architecture Board which ensures continuous technical improvements of the platform.

Node.js, React, Redux, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, NATS, Terraform, Kubernetes

Sep 2019 - Jun 2021


Software Engineer - Full stack engineer part of Kindred's Feeds and Acquisition Marketing (FAM) team. FAM owns a diverse set of services that help affiliates attract customers to Kindred platforms. Among them is the Kindred Developer Portal and related APIs, internal services for url shortening, link tracking, marketing email management.

Nov 2018 - Sep 2019

Seven Bridges

Technical Lead - As a Technical Lead I strive to ensure the technical excellence of the Seven Bridges platform. I participate in architectural decisions, lead projects, ensure code quality and serve as a mentor for junior engineers and interns.

Jul 2017 - Aug 2018

Seven Bridges

Software Engineer - Part of the core platform team covering a wide range of services such as user and session management, billing, platform permissions, email notifications, workflow automation etc.

Feb 2016 - Aug 2018

Devana Technologies

Software Engineer - Took part in creating ManageWP Orion, the premier WordPress management platform. It allows you to easily manage multiple websites from a single dashboard.

Jul 2014 - Oct 2015

Byteout Software

Intern - Worked on DropAll - an in-house project designed as a link sharing tool aimed at small to medium teams.

Feb 2014 - Apr 2014


Intern - Participated in the creation of an educational game whose goal is to help children learn traffic rules. The game was developed in Unity.

Oct 2012 - Dec 2012

As a speaker

Building a guitar amplifier with the WebAudio API

How to build a guitar amplifier in javascript using the WebAudio API - with a live demo of me playing a guitar.

Heapcon - Sept 2019

JSBelgrade - Aug 2017

Building an Excel-like formula interpreter using ANTLR

HeapSpace - Demonstrated the power of ANTLR on an example of building an Excel-like formula interpreter in Java.

Aug 2018

Texas Holdem Workshop

Brand New Engineers - Held a live coding session demonstrating the basics of creating a Texas Holdem bot for the Brand New Engineers hackathon.

Oct 2015

Blackjack bot in Java

Brand New Engineers - I've created a Blackjack server and demonstrated the basics of TCP to students on an example of creating a Blackjack bot in Java.

Oct 2015


picoComputer Web IDE

picoComputer is a computer architecture designed to aid teaching of assembly languages. picoComputer Web IDE allows running assembly and step by step debugging.

Aug 2018

Convex Hull Solver

Convex hull step by step solver using Graham Scan and Monotone Chain algorithms.

Nov 2016

NQueens Interactive Solver

Solve the NQueens problem using 3 different algorithms and visualize the solution step by step.

Nov 2015

Minimax Interactive Solver

A step by step demonstration of the minimax algorithm with Alpha-Beta pruning.

May 2014


  • Used Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, Nodejs, PHP throughout my career
  • Proficient in frontend as well: React, Redux, Mobx, Angular
  • *SQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Docker, RabbitMQ

In my free time I...

  • Play Squash
  • Play Guitar
  • Solve problems on HackerRank
  • Perform Card Tricks